Engeneering Plastics


Polyamide shows both a high thermostability (temperature resistant from -40 ºC to approx. +100ºC) and high stiffness, hardness and toughness. These are some of the main characteristics. Due to the fact, that the good mechanical characteristics will be achieved only after condicioning, this material must be condicioned again after annealing. In addition, this condicioning occurs with a longer storage in air automatically.

- high strenght and stiffness
- high impact and notching impact strength
- high heat deflection temperature
- good at dampening
- good glide and damping ability
- good chemical stability against organic solvents and fuels
- size alteration by humidity absorption must be considered
- dimension stability, electrical and mechanical properties may become affected by absorbing moisture or water

Bearing parts (good sliding properties), gear wheels, pump parts, sliding rails, castors (reduction of the noise level), fittings.