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Light Duty VL


 Light Duty VL

Light Duty Radial Fan Type VL

Size and range of capacity

VAKUTEC®-light duty radial fans with nomenclature VL are one-side take in, corrosion resistant fans. There are five different sizes manufactured:

  VL-164 with an aspirating hole, diameter of 160mm
  VL-184 with an aspirating hole, diameter of 180mm
  VL-204 with an aspirating hole, diameter of 200mm
  VL-254 with an aspirating hole, diameter of 250mm
  VL-314 with an aspirating hole, diameter of 315mm

These radial fans are at work for suction of chemical loaded air, like it appears at chemical-laboratories, or in galvanik-industrie. This makes it possible to use a controlled suction of atmospheres till a volume flow rate of 4.000 m³/h and a total pressure increase of 1.500 Pa.
For the fan types, listsed above, there are curves sheets on the following pages.The construction of the fan with inlet and outlet truly axial, makes it possible to assembel the fan independent of sense of rotation. The position of the fans can be fit to the local demand by rebuildind of the subbases (solving of 4 screws). The possible positions are shown at the last page.

Materials and equiment

The casings are manufactured with an CNC-treatment-center in Polypropylene (PP), Polypropylene hardly inflammable (PPs), Polivinylchlorid (PVC) and Polyethylen (PE) and in a welded construction mounted. In comply with the UVV, the casings are manufactured standard with a splinter protection. The standard equipment contains four dampers, plastic boot in- and outlet and condensated outlet

Fan wheels

The fan wheels, of the types listed above, are manufactured with injektion molding of duroplast material in Polyprophylen (PPs)  or in welded construction. If required, the fan wheels can also be delivered in corrosion resistent coated steel. They are standard equipped with 6 reverse curved vanes.

Drive unit and motors

The fan wheel is driven direkt by a motor wich is flanged at the casing. The motor is a three-phase anker-motor, structural shape B5 in protection IP55.  At the following pages in bold-type shown characteristic curves are met by the standart revolutions of 1000/1500/3000 r.p.m.

The other characteristic curves are realised by a frequency converter (230V/50Hz) which is mounted at the casing. Using the frequency converter, the performance of the fan can be continuously controled by the operator.