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Roof Radial SD


Roof Radial SD


VAKUTEC®   roof radial fans with the type designation SD are fitted with the approved radial fan rotors. The four digit number after the designation SD defines the roof radial fan in size and speed rate. For example the SD1630 is a roof radial fan size 160 (16x10=160) which     operates with a speed rate of 3000 U/min (30x100=3000).

Type SD  roof radial fans can be  used anywhere there is aggressive exhaust air that must be sucked off. They are corrosion and weather proof and work noiselessly, economically and maintenence free.

Size and range of capacity

The VAKUTEC®   roof radial fans are manufactured in series  from size DN75 to DN630  in 13 different sizes. They are suitable for volume streams up to 17.000m3/h. In accordance to the VDI guidline 2060, Balancing quality Q6,3, the heaved fan rotor is installed in flying impact at the shaft end of the driving motor.

Corrosion Resistance

The parts  which come into contact with the air stream  are constructed either according to Resistance:   consistent list of specially chosen synthetic material or if necessary as in the case of the     rotors with a suitable coating.  The air stream flows through the fan at an axial direction and is     blown out vertically ( horizontally in fans SD7 and SD11). The driving motor is completely     separate from the exhaust air stream.


the material used depends on the kind of  medium  to be carried. Thus the following materials are applicable:

for the housing: PVC, PP, PE
for the fan wheel : PVC, PP, PE, steel coated or high grade steel


Only proprietary brands from the EEC range are used according to IEC standards,   predominantly externally cooled three phase running cage motors enclosure type IP54. According to the demands explosive proof motors are used.