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Air washer type WH3


The Type WH3 VAKUTEC air washers are especially suitable for cleaning extracted air, which has a high affinity to water and must be separated due to the demands of environmental protection. Primarily this air washer is used for cleaning extracted air containing pure chromium, and enables the return of the primarily separated aerosoles back to the process. A further field of application for this air washer is the increase in the usage duration of the collecting main liquid, due to the primary separation of  the impurities.

Use: mass-transfer at high affinity to water, time of exposure increasing of washing liquid, fog of chromic

Features: primary separator, contact area, 2 mist separator partitions, coagulator option


The following descriptions are for air washers sizes DN180 to DN1250 for air stream volumes of from 1.100 to 68.800m3/h. VAKUTEC air washers Type WH3 needed for a larger air stream volume require special planning and adaptation.


The air washer´s mist separator is constructed equipped with a quick locking mechanism. The continuously fed double spray nozzles are positioned on lances, which are flanged onto the casing. This makes maintenence or an inspection in the shortest time possible. The removal direction of the mist separator units, depending on the air direction being left,right or upwards is adapted to the local conditions accordingly.


VAKUTEC air washers work on the principle of mass transfer. The aerosols found in the air are separated in a mist separator unit before the contact area. The primarily separated liquid can either be put back into the process or straight into the sewage system. The double spray nozzle in the contact area is fed continuously. The impurities found in the air are transferred due to the high affinity to water onto the sprayed washing liquid. Subsequently the aerosols, carried by the air stream are dispersed into the mist separator partitions. Due to the curvature of the profiles the moisture drops are driven along the innerface down into the catch pockets. In addition there are sharp edged ridges on the lamellae profiles to conduct away the remaining liquid. As an option the mist separator unit can be equipped with a coagulator. The coagulator is positioned between the mist separator units so that the smallest drops are enlarged and then separated into the second mist separator. The collected liquid passes through a siphon, which prevents unwanted air from being sucked in, or is supplied back again into the main container through a flue tube.


The materials used depend on the specific physical and chemical capacities. Preferably synthetic materials such as PVC,PP and PVDF are used. In special cases stainless steel profiles as mist separator units can be fitted.

Technical details

With an even air stream flow the air washer without a coagulator achieves a 99.9% separation of a minimum drop size of 15µ with a loss of pressure of 450Pa. With a coagulator the separator efficiency rises on a drop of 10µ with a loss of pressure of 600Pa.