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Vertical Air washer / Scrubber WV 3


Vertical Air washer / Scrubber WV 3


The Type WV3 VAKUTEC@ towers with packing unit are especially suitable for cleaning extracted polluted air, which has a moderate or low affinity to water and must be separated due to the demands of environmental protection.  Such impurities for example as mixed acid vapours.


The specification WV3 defines a vertical washer, which has a packing material unit. The following two digits define the speed in metres per second. Thereby the actual speed  in the tower is multiplied by 10, should the result be a single digit, then a zero is set in front of it.

WV320 - packed tower with an air speed of 2m/s in the tower.
WV310 - packed tower with an air speed of 1m/s in the tower.
WV305 - packed tower with an air speed of 0.5m/s in the tower


Definitions for the following packed towers:

WV320 - DN180 to DN1000 for volume streams of 1.100 to 43.999m3/h
WV310 - DN180 to DN710 for volume streams of 1.100 to 22.299m3/h
WV305 - DN180 to DN1000 for volume streams of 1.100 to 10.999m3/h

VAKUTEC@ packed towers Type WV3 needed for a larger volume stream require special planning and adaption.


The mist separator for this packed tower is positioned on top of the column and is equipped with a quick locking mechanism. The continuously fed spray nozzles are positioned on lances, which are flanged to the tower. This makes maintenence or an inspection within the shortest time possible.The jet sprayed moisture wets the packing material thus optimising the mass transfer. A collecting main unit is integrated equipped with the standard fittings, fast filling input, overflow, rest drainage, pump and manhole. The air discharge after the mist separator unit can be horizontal or vertical as required.


Type WV3 VAKUTEC@ packed towers work on the principle of mass transfer in counter current process with packing material. The air stream and the packing material are continuously sprayed with the help of the spray level positioned upstream. The impurities found in the air are transferred due to the affinity to water onto the sprayed washing liquid. Subsequently the aerosols, carried by the air stream are dispersed onto the mist separator partitions. Due to the curvature of the profiles the moisture drops are driven down the innerface and due to gravitiy channelled downwards and returned again into the collecting main. As an option the mist separator unit can be equipped with a coagulator. The coagulator is positioned before the mist separator units so that the smallest drops are enlarged and then separated  into the separator.


The materials used depend on the specific physical and chemical capacities. Preferably synthetic materials such as PVC,PP and VDF are used. In special cases stainless steel profiles as mist separator units can be fitted.

Technical Details

With an even air stream flow the material packed tower without a coagulator achieves a 99.9% separation of a minimum drop size of 15u. With coagulator the separator efficiency rises on a drop of 10u. The gauge sheet specifies the pressure loss to be taken into consideration.