Engeneering Plastics


POM-C (Acetal)

Polyoxymethylene can be used in temperatures up to + 100 ºC. The high surface strength is only surpassed by a few materials.
POM shows good sliding properties and high resistance to wear and tear because of the high strength and smooth surface.
There is a very low risk of stress cracks.
POM-C (Copolymere) exhibits a high thermal stability and a high resistance to chemicals (high resistance to hydrolysis).

- no microporosity
- high strength
- high rigidity (to -40 ºC)
- high thermal stability
- low water absorption
- high dimension stability
- good electrical insulating properties
- very good sliding properties
- high resistance to solvents
- very high resistance to stress cracks
- not resistant to high-concentrated acids
- difficult to glue and paint

Bearings, fittings, gear wheels, parts for pumps, screws, bobbins, parts for the textile industry, medium for coating lines.